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The beating heart of the community

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Our Vision

We want to preserve and regenerate this incredible community asset for local people to enjoy. People need places to, work, learn and play. We will create a vibrant heart in the neighbourhood with something for everyone.

We will create jobs and opportunities for local people. We will help local people set up business, projects, clubs and try out ideas. We will help provide our young people and youth things to do and places to go. We will make housing and independence accessible by rethinking the way we live and providing a range of housing an accommodation options to meet all pockets and circumstance, that by the very fact they live on site they help create the vibrant heart of the community we wish to create.

Places will be allocated on merit and not only by ability to pay. There will be space to rent and space to buy, with 100% of revenue going back into maintaining the site and providing services, scholarships and respite. We will bring company to the lonely, fun and interest to the bored and disenfranchised, opportunity to those bold enough to give it a try. It will be a community provided by the community, and written into statute for 250 years.


“A 'town square' for Sharrow and the surround communities”

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Liaise with relevant organisations and authorities to ensure the Mount Pleasant estate is put back on the open market for fair and transparent bidding / applications, with the condition that the main mansion house is to be preserved and restored, including its many features both internally and externally in order to preserve the heritage and beauty of an important and historic building.



Appoint an expert team of supporters to help develop and create our vision of providing a beating heart to the surrounding neighbourhoods, making provision for local people to be able to live, work, play and learn together with facilities for all our neighbours to enjoy.



Complete bid to Sheffield City Council - DEADLINE 14th July 2017, seeking an agreement to take over the site as a charity / social enterprise (on a not for profit basis) on a 250 year minimum lease, with a 12-24 month period up front to secure funding and partners (this is a custom and practice for private developers).


Phase 4: in process

Challenge Sheffield City Council recommendation to Cabinet to dispose of the site to Hermes Care to become a Care Home

- PRESS RELEASE about announcement here

- HEADLINE INFO and STATS on our scheme here

- PLEASE SIGN our Change.org Petition to SCC here

- PLEASE EMAIL Olivia Blake (who's making the decision) - More info here


Mount Pleasant Scheme

Proposed Scheme

The new Co-Live and Co-Work elements for Mount Pleasant


She's a beautiful old girl, but in need of a lot of TLC


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